Monday, April 23, 2007

Camera Mobile Phones - Imaging Wizards

Traveling was menacing till some years ago. People had to pack cameras and other equipments in their bags and carry them along to capture their favourite moments. They would often call friends to share the thrill they experienced. During this time, a wizard was being gestated in the mind wombs of technicians and mobile manufacturing units. These wizards were intelligent in attaching their abilities to mobile phones. The end product was a new breed of phones called the Camera Phones.

Today, a majority of the mobile wielding population patronizes Camera Phones. People may never carry tedious cameras on a regular basis. But, they never forget the phone. With Camera Phones, they have the benefit of shooting relevant pictures at uncalled for hours and circumstances. The imaging wizards, or, Camera Phones are ultimate aids in capturing crime scenes, and sometimes in preventing them.

The Third Generation Camera Phones help people communicate with their loved ones tete-a-tete. In the temporary absence of network or a compatible receiving device, these phones can be used to effect interesting graphics over pictures. With re-establishment of network, pictures can be sent to friends via the Multimedia Messaging Service. While some Camera Phones can run video clips, others can play full films. Camera Phones save the cost of an additional device – the camera.

Manufacturers are now focusing on high end Camera Phones to serve the interest of professional photographers and visual artists. Sony Ericsson launched an imaging oriented mobile phone. These phones are denominated by the letter K/ camera. Sony Ericsson K800i and K810i are amongst the best in this category. Nokia's N Series also consists of Camera Phones. Nokia N93i is excellent, but N95 is a true bomb-shell. It hosts a 5 mega pixel digital camera with performance that is ineffably superb. Samsung is planning a 10 mega pixel camera to shell all competitors.

These Camera Phones are not just efficient, they are the wizards of the trade. Adapting to user demands, they are acquiring newer technologies and better designs. Looks like it is time for you to get one.