Friday, January 4, 2008

Nokia 6288-The Magic of Black And White

The Nokia 6288 cellular phone comes in a very attractive black or white casing with glossy finish, which adds a class to the modern look. Its user-friendly design is snug and compact in size. The handset with a dimension of 100 x 46 x 21 mm is easy to handle and slip into your little pockets. Its contemporary sleek style and grayscale polish is simple to operate with slider design. You may enjoy the QVGA screen even if the mobile is in closed mode. The wondrous display screen has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and proudly displays up to 262, 000 colors.

The 2-mega-pixel camera is digitally adept with photographic camera mode and flash features. The latest technology built-in music player helps you revel in great musical notes. The Nokia 6288 model has a hands-free speaker system, which allows you more advantage whilst you are driving or handling other chores. Text messaging as well as multimedia messaging is available. You may also use the handset like any other min-computer for surfing net or exchanging e-mails.

The advanced Bluetooth technology helps you for a wire-free connection, to listen stereo music from other compatible devices. You can also keep switching between melodies and attending to phone calls, the mobile automatically alerts you when you have a call in between your music session. The earplugs are large and comfy that covers your ears and also can be folded up for easy maintenance.

The other features like USB port connectivity and EDGE technicalities guarantees simple and faster transfer of data. The Nokia 6288 cellular phone has 6 megabytes of memory chip with mini SD card slot of 512 memory bytes. You may increase the memory using swappable memory modes. Voice features include voice dialing, voice commands, recording and hands-free speaker that is built-in. the battery is rechargeable with a shelf life of 280 hours on standby mode with 41/2 hours of non-stop talk time for GSM and 31/2 hours of available talk time for WCDMA.

In most of the Nokia stores you may get a package deal, which includes the 6288 handset, battery BP-6M, charger, Headset, mini SD card, connection cables, CD-ROM software and user manual. A truly majestic bluetooth technology invention-Nokia 6288!

LG U830… An Ecstasy with style

This stylish phone has been designed with great precision to offer impeccable utility to its users. This highly efficient handset gained popularity with its twin flip camera phone that supports 3G technology. It is a Pandora box filled with great features. It has great touch sensitive music controls and two TFT display screens with streaming options. You can enjoy great music on your phone with the built in media player that supports MP3, AAC, AAC+ formats and video files. With the high quality music player listen and cherish your favourite tunes and experience visual ecstasy on your phone’s display.

The LG U830 comes with a 2 mega pixel camera which makes you capture those enchanting moments of your life. Once you have clicked your pictures, you can also make all the desired changes with the help of your phone’s image editor feature. The phone is also loaded with a VGA camera, meant especially for video calling.

The phone provides great options for connectivity with its Bluetooth, USB and infrared features. Its HDSPA Connectivity is a great lure for the internet users as it provides great options for web browsing and has several exciting internet applications like MSN messenger etc.

The U830 makes sure you never stay out of reach of the people around you with an uninterrupted and unparalleled connectivity as it supports the popular Tri-band GSM network and UMTS. The U850 offers great call quality and hiss free noise. It has a 2.2” 262k colour screen, which gives you crystal clear images and a battery that gives up to 2 hrs of talk time and 200hrs of standby time.

The U830 handset has abundant storage capacity, advanced security features and additional processing power with its Mega SIM card that enables services like: secure downloading of content, fullPIM functionality, audio and video clips , flexible DRM, including on-card rights management , storage of new applications for subscriber activation , MNO based personalisation and branding ,personal storage for user-generated content such as large phone directories and high-resolution photos the ability to customise services based on subscriber tastes and habits.

The LG U830 combines great aesthetics with innovative features. It doesn’t only look good; it’s great in performance too.

LG KG800 Chocolate- Stylishly stunning

The LG KG800 Chocolate is the most stylish phone with its absolutely innovative and impressive design. This phone with its stunning form factor is bundled with great features and impeccable look. A slim and light phone that helps you makes an everlasting impression

The phone is truly an innovation in the handset designs with a camouflaged touch pad,n which shows only when in use. The unique design highlights the stunning handset with a red glow. The LG KG800 chocolate is not just good in looks but in touch as well .With its premium fibre glass material, it’s a joy to hold in hand. Its revolutionary touch pad responds to warm touch and ensures your phone does not get activated when inside your pocket.

The phone opens up with a tactile slide action that reveals its hidden LCD display. The LCD display has high resolution and 256k colours that provide great quality display. The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera with a built in flash and 4x zoom. The multi-shot facility gives you a chance to capture pictures and select the perfect one.
With its built in video facility you can shoot, store and share your best moments and save them in the gallery.

With its multi-codec support for MP3, WMA, and AAC files and 6 built-in EQ settings you can listen to great music anywhere, anytime. You can store upto 40 MP3 tracks on your chocolate handset. The handset offers various features like Bluetooth connectivity, GSM and facility to browse the internet with a WAP browser.

LG KG800 Chocolate is just the best amalgamation of style and utility that will leave you elated.